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Slices of Bread is a programme which makes Michael Eaton's Preaching Through the Bible (PTTB) teaching books available and accessible, as individual chapters, to pastors, libraries and colleges globally by means of the Internet.

It has been developed by Sovereign World Trust, a UK-based Christian literature ministry founded in 1986 to facilitate the training of leaders in parts of the world where resources are scarce or unaffordable. This is particularly important and indeed urgent because these are the nations that are seeing the greatest spiritual growth in our generation.

Chapters from Michael Eaton's books have been specially reformatted to fit onto one sheet of paper (with just a few exceptions). They are distributed to a steadily increasing number of recipients as attachments to emails on a weekly basis. Slices of Bread are being used worldwide for personal and group study, preaching outlines and components of training courses.

All you need to receive Slices is a computer with an Internet connection and a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (available as a free download if you haven't got it already.

Slices are available in three ways:

Slices for Everyone - a proportion of the PTTB series available for anyone anywhere to download free of charge. This is helpful for those who wish to sample the material or just dip into it from time to time. Slices for Everyone may also be received as a Slice of the Week attached to a weekly email. The remainder of the PTTB material is available to Sponsors and those eligible to receive Slices for the Nations.

Slices for the Nations - the goal is to make everything that has been published in the PTTB series to date available freely for those living in parts of the world where resources are unaffordable. Weekly emailings with 3-4 Slices attached and the facility to download previously issued material.

Slices for Sponsors - for those who wish to help fund the development of the programme with a small monthly donation (£4.00) or an equivalent annual sum (£48.00). Sponsors enjoy the same benefits as the recipients of Slices for the Nations, four Slices emailed each week and access to all downloads. They also have the satisfaction of knowing that their giving enables the programme to benefit leaders, libraries and colleges in parts of the world where good teaching is in very short supply or beyond reach. Slices Sponsors receive the eQuip newsletter twice a year which includes feedback from around the world.

Also available are Slices in Other Languages - a translation programme to make Slices available to the non-English reading world; initially the focus is on Spanish for South America and Russian. Some of the translated Slices have been printed in book form and are being successfully incorporated into training programmes.

Slices may be downloaded from this web-site from January 2011.

If you are interested in buying copies of the books, details will be available on the International Biblical Training Resources website from May 2011.