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The following are available for download to anyone - anywhere... They are also available as a Slice of the Week - a weekly email. As more PTTB is developed a proportion (about a quarter) will be released as Slices for Everyone. To view them you will need a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader which can be downloaded free of charge.

Slices for Everyone
Genesis in 107 parts
Mark's Gospel in 36 parts
Exodus in 70 parts
Luke's Gospel in 100 parts
Joshua in 28 parts
Romans in 77 parts
Judges in 29 parts
Galatians in 36 parts
Ruth in 4 parts
Ephesians in 33 parts
1 Samuel Parts 1 - 35
Hebrews in 80 parts
Psalms - the first 19 parts
James in 34 parts
Daniel in 36 parts
1 Peter in 35 parts
Joel Parts 1-11
Revelation in 72 parts
Amos Parts 1-24
Isaiah Parts 1 - 95  

Previously available for download, the following Splits are available on request to pastors and leaders in the developing world only.

Omnibus version update: This is not a SWT project and we do not at present have full details. The publishers have told us that they are making good progress and they expect to print in late 2015. It will be a 1300 page book of the whole Bible, similar to the slightly shorter Africa Bible Commentary. It will contain both those previously printed in individual volumes and those that have not. The text has been re-edited and retypeset but we understand that it is substantially the same with little condensation.

Slices will continue to be developed from the single volume titles. Currently we are working on Isaiah (which is not available in print).

Sovereign World Trust is continuing to develop Slices to serve the needs of the developing nations.

Splits for Everyone
Exodus - in 70- parts
Matthew in 93 parts
1 Samuel parts 13-36
John in 83 parts
2 Samuel in 36 parts
Acts Parts 1 to 99
1Kings in 36 parts 1 Corinthians in 72 parts
2 Kings in 36 parts 2 Corinthians in 64 parts
Ezra in 9 parts Philipians parts 1-10 of 34
Nehemiah in 15 parts Colossians in 32 parts
  1&2 Thessalonians in 35 parts
  1Timothy in 33 parts
  2 Timothy in 28 parts
  Titus in 27 parts
  Philemon in 8 parts
  James in 35 parts
  1 Peter parts 8 to 36
  2 Peter in 25 parts
  1 John in 32 parts
  2 John in 8 Parts & 3 John in 6 Parts