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JOSHUA for Everyone

First published in 2000

The theme of the Book of Joshua is that of inheriting God’s promises. God promised to give the land of Israel to the descendants of Jacob. Yet although God promised to give it to them, the people had to make great efforts to lay hold of it. The Christian takes Joshua ‘spiritually’. Although we know that it refers to historical events and must be read quite literally, we also know that it gives us parallels for the Christian to apply to himself.

Part Title
1 Preparing to Be a Conqueror
2 Rahab’s Faith 2:1–24
3 Living By the Faith of Joshua 3:1–17
4 What Do These Stones Mean? 4:1–24
5 Getting Ready 5:1–15
6 Pulling Down Strongholds 5:12–6:9
7 The Fall of Jericho 6:10–27
8 Sin – Discovered and Disowned 7:1–26
9 Walking and Being Carried 8:1–23
10 A People Under the Word of God 8:24–35
11 Reacting to God’s People 9:1–27
12 The Battle at Gibeon 10:1–27
13 Conquering Southern Canaan 10:28–43
14 Conquering Northern Canaan 11:1–23
15 The King Over All Kingdoms 12:1–24
16 Inheritance 13:1–33
17 Caleb’s Reward 14:1–15
18 Judah’s Inheritance 15:1–20
19 The Cities of Judah 15:21-63
20 The Inheritance of Ephraim 16:1-10
21 The Inheritance of Manasseh 17:1-18
22 The Inheritance of Benjamin 18:1-28
23 Six Tribes and Joshua 19:1-51
24 Running for Refuge 20:1-9
25 Cities of the Levites 21:1-45
26 Spreading out; staying together 22:1-34
27 Acknowledging God 23:1-16
28 Serving God to the End 24:1-33
29 Some Facts About Joshua  

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