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These are available as weekly mailings for those who are not in a position to download them. Typically this is because access to the Internet for browsing is expensive.

To sign up for weekly emails with 3-4 Slices attached please send an email to slicesofbread@sovereignworldtrust.org.uk from the address you wish to use

Your email should tell us

(i) the country in which you are living,

(ii) about your Christian service (pastor, teacher, evangelist, church planter, missionary, student, church member….)

(iii) confirmation that you are living in an area or circumstances where Christian literature is scarce and unaffordable.

(iv) the name and address of a minister or other responsible person who can confirm the above.

If you do not fit the criteria to receive Slices free of charge, you are very welcome to download Slices for Everyone or of course you may choose to become a Sponsor.

Once your request has been accepted you will be put on the mailing list and you will begin to receive weekly Slices.