The book of Ruth is a short family story of just four chapters but it contains some very important truth for Christians today.

It tells the story of a woman called Naomi, whose husband and sons died after they had all emigrated to Moab during a season of famine. Ruth her daughter-in-law was intensely loyal to her and adopted Naomi's country and faith as her own. There must have been many family-stories like this one, passed down from father to son. The first people who told the story could never have dreamed that millions of people would be reading it thousands of years later, in hundreds of different languages.

This particular story has found a place in our Bibles because of its connection with David. It explained how King David came to be descended from a Moabitess when Moab was, in fact, one of Israel's traditional enemies.   

In the providence of God it has more to say. It also shows how God has purposes of incorporating gentiles into His people, and did so even in the family of David himself.   The book of Ruth is also important because it shows us how redemption works and what the qualifications of a redeemer are. So it provides very helpful background information for the Christian to understand the work and person of Jesus - our Redeemer!

Part Title Reference
1 A Woman Who Needed a Saviour 1:1-22
2 Finding a Redeemer 2:1-23
3 Asking for Redemption 3:1-18
4 Redemption Accomplished 4:1-22


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