1 Samuel


The book of First Samuel records Israel's transition from the period of the judges to the monarchy. It begins with the story of Samuel, the last judge and ends with Saul the first king.  The story continues in Second Samuel with David becoming King. The events unfold against the background of the Philistines threat.

Samuel was the child of Hannah, a woman unable to rolex replika conceive who cried out to God in desperation. He was dedicated to God from birth and as the last judge having listened to the people and then to God, anointed Saul to be ruler.  Sadly, Saul  became proud in his high office and overstepped his calling. His reputation, despite all his good beginnings, was a bad one.  Honour comes not through how we started but through how we end.  

In the second half of the book Saul's troubled relationship with David dominates the story-line.   A theme running through all the historical writings is that faithfulness to God brings success and blessing. Disobedience, on the other hand brings failure and disaster.

Part Title Reference
1 One Individual Used By God 1:1-2:10
2 Honouring God 2:11-36
3 Hearing God's Voice 3:1-4:1a
4 Superstition 4:1b-10
5 Spiritual Laziness 4:1b-22
6 The People With Two Gods 5:1-6:12
7 The Presence of God 6:13-7:1
8 Rebuilding a Nation 7:2-17
9 Finding a Leader 8:1-22
10 Exaltation without Manipulation 9:1-10:1
11 The Marks of Spirituality 10:2-11:15
12 Getting a New Start 12:1-25
13 Unbelief 13:1-10
14 Saul Loses a Kingdom 13:8-15a
15 Striking a Blow for Freedom 13:15b-14:15
16 A Door Still Open 14:16-15:3
17 Saul's Fall 15:1-35
18 God's Mysterious Choices 16:1-13
19 God's Training; God's Call 16:14-17:25
20 Goliath 17:26-54
21 Fame - Friend - Foe 17:55-18:30
22 When Troubles Intensify 19:1-20:42
23 Desperate Days 21:1-22:1
24 Progressing in God 22:1-23
25 Learning From Experience 23:1-18
26 Finding Encouragement in God 23:16-18
27 Learning Mercy 23:19-24:22
28 Lessons in Forgiveness 25:1-35
29 Refusing Vindictiveness 25:18-44
30 Abundant Grace 26:1-27:4
31 Unbelief Again 27:1-28:2
32 Saved Through Fire 28:3-25
33 Spiritual Restoration 29:1-30:10
34 Preserving Unity 30:11-31
35 The End of the Backslider 31:1-13



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