Expositions on the first 17 psalms from the Bible's book of hymns and prayers, many of which were written in times of trouble and affliction. A constant theme running throughout the psalms is trust in God. The psalmist turns to God and calls to him with refreshing honesty. Alongside calls for help are expressions of confidence and praise and a desire to declare his wonderful deeds! Surely a pattern for our prayer, praise and worship today!

Part 1 gives an introduction to the first 33 Psalms.

Part Title Reference
1 Following the Psalms Psalms 1-33
2 Two Pathways through Life Psalm 1
3 The Triumph of the King Psalm 2
4 Looking to God Amidst Many Troubles Psalm 3
5 Finding Peace in God Psalm 4
6 How to Handle Enemies Psalm 5
7 Facing Discouragement Psalm 6
8 Keeping the Conscience Clear Psalm 7
9 God's Purpose for the Human Race Psalm 8
10 The Abolition of Evil Part 1 Psalm 9:1-10
11 The Abolition of Evil Part 2 Psalm 9:11-20
12 Praying for the Abolition of Evil Psalm 10
13 Foundations Psalm 11
14 Words Faithless and Faithful Psalm 12
15 Delay Psalm 13
16 The Fool Psalm 14
17 The Conditions of Fellowship Psalm 15
18 Security in God Psalm 16
19 Learning to Pray Psalm 17
20   Psalm 18


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