Amos was the first prophet in the Bible whose prophecies are written down in the form of a book. He lived in the middle of the 8th century BC and came from a little town called Tekoa in Judah, but his messages were preached to Israel to the north.

This was a time of great prosperity, religious observance and apparent security. But Amos saw things from God's perspective and spoke out on His behalf. There was, in fact, a great deal of injustice and oppression of the poor. Religious observance lacked sincerity. The security was not nearly as great as it seemed.

Unlike the professional prophets who spoke comforting words in exchange for payment, Amos communicated the word of the Lord. He preached messages of judgement on both Israel and its neighbouring nations in the form of oracles - straight talk pictures - visions. Without sincere repentance punishment would surely come. He called for change - that justice would 'flow like a stream'. If that happened, God would be merciful.

The book of Amos illustrates supremely the difference between religion and righteousness. And it is the latter that God wants. The prophecy ends with an unconditional promise that God will at some time in the future restore the fallen kingdom of David and the people to their land.

Part Title Reference
1 One Sin Too Many 1:1-5
2 The Roaring Lion 1:6-10
3 Sins Against Idolatry 1:11-15
4 The Centrality of God's Word 2:1-5
5 Grace and Ingratitude 2:6-9
6 Grace and Judgement 2:10-16
7 A Last Opportunity 3:1-8
8 Useless Society; Useless Religion 3:9-15
9 The Cows of Bashan 4:1-5
10 Preparing to Meet God 4:6-13
11 Death or Life 5:1-5
12 Making a Change 5:6-13
13 Seeking God 5:14-20
14 Justice Flowing Like a River 5:21-27
15 Pride and Privilege 6:1-6
16 Punishment and Principle 6:7-14
17 Amos the Intercessor 7:1-9
18 Amos and Amaziah 7:10-17
19 The End is Come 8:1-3
20 Judgement Without Recovery 8:4-10
21 The Lost Word 8:11-9:6
22 Can God's People Cease to Exist? 9:7-10
23 The Hope of the Future 9:11-15
24 The New World 9:13-15

Please note that, exceptionally, most of these slices take three sides. This is because Michael has incorporated his own translation of the Hebrew text.



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