Ephesians like Romans was not written in response to a particular need or crisis. It sets out God's big picture for his people, the church and indeed the whole cosmos.

Paul describes the vastness of God's plan of salvation, beginning with predestination before the foundation of the world and going on to describe the length and depth and height of the love of God for all people. The destination is that all creation will be brought to united submission to the rule of Jesus Christ.

From these lofty heights and this glorious vision he describes the practical outworking of unity and godliness in the here and now. This concerns such matters as truthfulness, anger, stealing and talk. Godly living pervades all relationships and in particular he mentions husbands and wives, parents and children, employers and servants.

Behind this is a spiritual battle, a wrestling, which requires a life of discipline. This is pictured as the putting-on of spiritual armour given by God. This becomes part of our character as we pray our way through life.

Part Title Reference
1 The Greatness of Salvation
2 Chosen To Be Holy  1:4-6a
3 A Mighty Plan  1:6b-10
4 Inheritance   1:11-14
5 Opened Eyes  1:15-19a
6 The Power of the Resurrection 1:19b-23
7 Dead - But Made Alive  2:1-7
8 Saved by Grace  2:8-10
9 Overcoming Divisions  2:11-12
10 Making One Out of Two  2:13-18
11 A City, a Family, a Building  2:19-22
12 The Mystery of Christ 3:1-6
13 Unsearchable Riches  3:7-13
14 Praying to the Father  3:14-19
15 In Heavenly Love Abiding  3:19-21
16 Christian Unity 4:1-6
17 Gifts for the Church 4:7-11
18 Preachers Who Train Ministers 4:11-13a
19 The Future of the Church 4 13b-16
20 Hating The Past 4:17-19
21 Becoming New People 4:20-24
22 Working Out The Details 4:25-30
23 Kindness 4:31 - 5:2
24 Inheritance in the Kingdom 5:3-7
25 Walking in the Light 5:7-12
26 Using the Time Wisely 5:13-17
27 Becoming Full of the Holy Spirit 5:18-21
28 Wives and Husbands 5:22-26
29 Christ and His Church 5:26-33
30 Relationships in the Lord 6:1-9
31 Spiritual Warfare 6:10-13
32 The Christian's Armour 6:14-17
33 Last Words 6:18-24


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