Hebrews Parts 1-30


The letter to the Hebrews was written by a friend of the apostle Paul (as is clear from Hebrews 13:23), but probably not by the apostle Paul himself. 

It was written 'to the Hebrews' (Jewish Christians), perhaps living in Rome, probably shortly before the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple.   It seems that Jewish people were severely persecuting these Jewish Christians who were understandably being tempted to draw back from their faith in Jesus as the Son of God and to regard Him as no more than an angel and try to stay within Judaism. That would have made their lives much easier.   

But the writer says this is entirely impossible for the true Christian. He begins with a sustained exposition of the superiority of Jesus. He is the divine son of God. He is greater than angels. He is greater than Moses. He is the great high priest. His was a greater sacrifice. His blood presented in heaven, deals permanently with the problem of sin.   How could they possibly return so something inferior?

So, like the heroes of faith in the Old Testament, the Jewish Christians are encouraged to press on and hold fast to their faith rather than draw back to their old way of life even though it will inevitably bring suffering and tribulation in the present.  By doing this they will be identifying with their forebears who also endured great suffering without entering into the experience of the promises they clung to during their lifetime. The truth is that beyond this temporary season of trouble lies a permanent season of  great glory. Together with these Old Testament saints they will experience a time of inheritance and rejoicing - the final victory when God's purpose has finally  run its course.

Forwards to Parts 31-55 or Parts 56-67

Part Title Reference
1 God's Last Word 1:1-2a
2 Heir of All Things 1:1-4
3 The Fulfilment of the Old Testament 1:5-9
4 The Glory of Jesus 1:8-13
5 The Divine Messiah 1:13-14
6 The First Warning 2:1-4
7 God's Love for the Human Race 2:5-8a
8 God's Plan fulfilled in Jesus 2:8b-10
9 The Sympathetic Brother 2:11-13
10 A Sympathetic High Priest 2:14-18
11 Looking to Jesus 3: 1-6
12 Keeping the Heart Tender 3:1-11
13 Entering into Rest 3:11
14 The Danger of Unbelief 3:12-19
15 An Offer Still Open 4:1-3a
16 God's Rest 4:3b-7
17 Enjoying God's Rest 4:8-13
18 Drawing Near to the Throne 4:14-16
19 Fulfilling the Old Testament 5:1-7
20 Training for Higher Ministry 5:7-10
21 Time to Grow Up 5:11-13
22 Food for the Mature 5:13-6:2
23 "If God Permit" 6:3-6
24 The Privileges of Conversion 6:4-6
25 Falling Away? 6:6b-8
26 Inheriting the Promises 6:9-12
27 The Oath of God's Mercy 6:13-16
28 An Assured Hope 6:17-20
29 Melchizedek 7:1-3
30 The Greatness of Melchizedek 7:4-10

Forwards to Parts 31-55 or Parts 56-67



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