Revelation 1-39


The Book of Revelation, which comes from John the apostle, is a deeply mysterious prophecy written to encourage persecuted Christians. Although it is a controversial book it should never be the ground of division or conflict or hostility among fellow Christians. We must approach it with great humility.

At the time John received his visions, (probably in the 90s AD), the churches were being persecuted and John had been banished to Patmos, a small Island set apart by the Romans for criminals.

The messages to the seven churches show that they were in a variety of spiritual conditions. The visions seen by John serve to remind them that the 'day of the Lord' is always near and that the final victory is certain. Christians are called to be strong and to overcome.

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Part Title Reference
1 Introducing the Book of Revelation 1:1-3
2 Father, Son and Holy Spirit 1:1-8
3 He is Coming with the Clouds 1:7-8
4 The Voice Like a Trumpet 1:9-10
5 The Glory of Jesus 1:11-20
6 A Commendation from Jesus 2:1-3
7 A Church That Lost Its Love 2:4-7
8 The Church That Was Suffering 2:8-11
9 A Church That Was Compromising 2:12-17
10 A Church That Tolerated Jezebel 2:18-21
11 Reaching the Nations 2:22-29
12 Dead or Alive? 3:1-6
13 Remaining in the Book of Life 3:5
14 A Church Approved by Jesus 3:7-10
15 The Overcomer's Rewards 3:10-13
16 Moving from Apathy to Liveliness 3:14-22
17 The Throne in Heaven 4:1-5
18 Worshipping the Creator 4:6-11
19 The Scroll of God's Purposes 5:1-7
20 The Song of Redemption 5:8-14
21 Jesus the Mighty Conqueror 6:1-2
22 Tribulations 6:3-8
23 The Martyrs Vindicated 6:9-17
24 Safety in the Midst of Judgement 7:1-9
25 After Tribulation, Reward 7:9-8:1
26 The Prayers of God's People 8:2-12
27 Evil Spirits 8:13-9:11
28 The Climax of the World's Troubles 9:12-21
29 Sweet and Sour 10:1-11
30 Witnessing Amidst Opposition 11:1-18
31 Satan's Hatred of the Church 11:19-12:6
32 A Defeated Dragon 12:7-17
33 The Beast from the Sea 12:18-13:10
34 The Beast from the Land 13:11-18
35 The Fall of Babylon 14:1-13
36 When the Harvest is Ripe 14:14-15:4
37 A New Scene in Revelation 15:5
38 The Bowls of God's Anger 15:6-16:7
39 The World's Only Hope 16:8-11

Forwards to Parts 40-72



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