Exodus Parts 1-36


Forwards to Parts 37-70

Exodus to Numbers tell the story of the creation of Israel and its establishment as the people of God. 

In Exodus 1:1-15:21 we have the story of how the people of God came to be in need of deliverance by the blood of a lamb. The people were experiencing persecution and slavery. God prepared a deliverer, Moses. After an initial period of conflict with Pharaoh there came a time when Pharaoh was confronted by nine powerful judgements from God, but it was a tenth judgement, the battle over the 'firstborn son', that led to the redemption of Israel by the blood of a lamb. They march out of Egypt singing a song of triumph.

The rest of Exodus tells the story of the establishment of the people of God. They journey to Sinai, facing two different reactions to their redemption. Then they arrive at Sinai and the 'books of the law' record no further travelling until Numbers 10:11. The whole of Exodus 19:1 to Numbers 10:10 finds its setting at Mount Sinai.

Part Title Reference
1 God's Faithfulness Amidst Change 1:1-22
2 The Faith of Moses' Parents 2:1-10
3 Faith and Failure 2:11-22
4 Called to Serve God 2:23-4:13
5 God's Answers 3:11-22
6 The Promise of Effectiveness 4:1-31
7 Attention to Details 5:1-6:13
8 The Family Line of Levi 6:14-7:7
9 Miracles True and False 7:6-13
10 Mocking the Gods 7:14-8:19
11 God's Control of the Human Heart 8:20-9:12
12 The Last Warnings 9:13-10:29
13 Salvation and Judgement 11:1-10
14 The Lamb of God 12:1-6
15 The Blood of the Lamb 12:7-11
16 Sheltering Under the Blood 12:12-13
17 Bought with a Price 12:14-20
18 The Great Deliverance 12:21-49
19 The Dedication of the Firstborn 12:50-13:16
20 The Leading of God 13:17-14:31
21 The Song of Moses 15:1-21
22 The Test of Continuing Faith 15:22-16:3
23 Manna from Heaven 16:4-36
24 Massah and Meribar 17:1-7
25 The Amalekites 17:8-16
26 The Conversion of Jethro 18:1-27
27 God Introduces His Covenant of Law 19:1-5a
28 The Promise of the Law 19:5b-8
29 Getting Ready to Meet God 19:9-15
30 The Appearing of God's Glory 19:16-25
31 The Ten Commandments 20:1-6
32 The Third and Fourth Commandments 20:7-11
33 The Fifth and Sixth Commandments 20:12-13
34 The Seventh and Eighth Commandments 20:14-15
35 The Ninth and Tenth Commandments 20:16-17
36 Restraint By Fear 20:18-26

Forwards to Parts 37-70



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