Exodus Parts 37-70


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As the story of the birth of Israel unfolds, it raises a very vital question for us: is the Christian under the Mosaic law? It is a question often approached in a very confusing way. What does 'the law of God' mean? Do you use that phrase to mean 'principles of righteousness'? A Christian most certainly keeps principles of righteousness! Jesus and His apostles have a lot to say to Christians about living a godly life. Much of the New Testament is about living a godly life for God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.     

But actually this is not the meaning of the phrase 'the law' in the vast majority of times when it is used in the Bible. 'The law of God' is everything that God gave to the nation of Israel at the time of Moses. It generally means 'the Mosaic system'. In that sense of the term, the Christian is not under the law. He or she walks in the Spirit and by walking in the Spirit they fulfil the Mosaic law, indirectly. The Christian even goes beyond and higher than the Ten Commandments, by walking in the Spirit under the explicit instruction of Jesus and His apostles, whose teachings we find in the New Testament.

 Although these chapters record the early history of Israel, they are hugely important for Christians today.

Part Title Reference
37 Is the Christian Under the Law? 21:1-23:19
38 Covenant Blessings 24:1-18
39 Introducing the Tabernacle 25:1-27:21
40 The Symbolism of the Tabernacle 25:1-27:21
41 The Ark 25:1-22
42 The Table and the Lampstand 25:23-40
43 Curtains and Coverings 26:1-37
44 Altar, Courtyard and Lamp 27:1-21
45 The Priest's Clothing 28:1-40
46 The Priests' Appointment to Their Work 29:1-25
47 'I Will Be Their God' 29:26-46
48 Altar - Tax - Perfumed Oil 30:1-35
49 Holy People - Holy Places - Holy Days 31:1-18
50 The Golden Calf 32:1-6
51 An Invitation to Prayer 32:7-11
52 Prayer and Action 32:12-19
53 Moses the Intercessor 32:19-32
54 Progressive Praying 32:33-33:6
55 Setting Oneself to Pray 33:7-11
56 Learning God's Ways 33:12-13
57 Seeking the Glory of God 33:14-17
58 The Glory of God 34:1-7
59 The Compassionate and Gracious God 34:5-7
60 Request - Recognition - Reward 34:8-9
61 Remembering the Law 34:10-26
62 Moses' Shining Face 34:27-35
63 Spiritual Restoration 35:1-29
64 Gifted People and a Worthy Project 35:30-36:7
65 Curtains and Coverings 36:8-38
66 Getting Closer to God 37:1-28
67 The Courtyard 38:1-20
68 The Value of God's Presence 38:21-31
69 Our Great High Priest 39:1-31
70 The Descending Glory of God 39:32-40:38

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